Integrating your AllClients Calendar with your Google Calendar

AllClients offers a ONE-WAY sync with Google Calendar. We send appointments from your AllClients Calendar to your Google Calendar. Changes made to your Google Calendar are not captured in your AllClients Calendar

You must have permission to write to the Google Calendar you are integrating with.


1. Create a Calendar in your Google account to use just for your AllClients Calendar Integrations.


2. If the calendar is a calendar that has been shared with you, make sure you have permission to make changes and manage sharing.


3. Now that your Calendar is ready in Google, go to your AllClients account and go to Settings, Google Integration, Click Google Calendar.


4. Click Authorize Google Calendar.


5. Select your Google Account, or login.


6. Allow AllClients to Manage your calendars by clicking Accept.


7. Promise to use a separate calendar by checking the box and then select the new calendar you created in the first steps above.


8. Click OK to finish the selection

A browser pop up will confirm this choice, click OK on that window also.

Your AllClients Calendar is now integrated with your Google Calendar. Any additions or edits to your AllClients will be reflected in your Google Calendar. 


Changes to your Google Calendar will not show on your AllClients Calendar. This is a ONE-WAY sync.

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