Allow a recipient to opt-back in

You have a contact whom has clicked the "Unsubscribe" or the Opt-out link in one of your emails. But they did it accidentally and they want to get back in. Here is how you do it....


Having a contact opt back in will not change a Spam Complaint. Spam Complaints are reported directly to the ISP and there is no way to remove them (they will automatically be removed after 45 days).

1. They opt-ed out and the contact card look like this:


2. Click the envelope to the right of the opted out email address to start the Email Opt-In Wizard. Click that you understand agree to the Spam Policy.


3. Choose the middle option, you think you have permission to opt this contact in for email.


4. Click to Confirm the Send Opt-In Email. Because the contact opted out, they have to agree before they are moved to the opt-in status.


5. The system will send them an email inviting them back. The Contact Card will look like this until they respond: Note the Orange box and the hover over message.


6. When they respond, the box will turn green again and you will be able to send them emails.


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