Customizing your system using a custom header

This is for Advanced customization and is for Programmer Use Only.


What is the header 
Turn on your custom header
Example with Header Bar On
Example with Header Bar Off
Examples of making your system part of a bigger solution
Adding Variables to your Header
Installation of topdiv.txt files
Sample topdiv.txt file



Turning the Custom Header Bar on or off

Please contact AllClients to have them turn your Header Bar on or off, as well as showing or hiding the magnifying search item in the toolbar.


The following samples use the custom topdiv.txt include file to insert custom HTML into your White Label CRM's header. Sample topdiv.txt used in examples

Custom Header with "Header Bar" turned ON with standard search, logged in indicator/team changer, logout in place


Custom Header with "Header Bar" turned OFF optional search button added to toolbar, no login email indicator/team changer, logout must be included in your header

Using Customization to make the CRM appear to be partof a larger Solution Center.


Same design for the Wrapper, but pointing to content on another non-AllClients server.

Another example...


Add Variables to your Custom Header

Your custom header file can contain the following variables for use in display, or even for reference in your own custom scripts.

%%accountid%%  will be replaced with Logged In User's AccountID.

%%teammemberid%%  will be replaced with Logged In Users' Team Member ID (Will be "0" when Account Owner/Team Leader).

%%loginemail%%  will be replaced with the logged in user's login email address (not necessarily the Mail Merge Email).   This is useful as the login email address hidden once you hide the built-in header bar.  TIP: You can link this to /ChangeUser.aspx if you want to allow user switching by clicking on their email address.


Installation of topdiv.txt

You can upload your topdiv.txt and supporting files via your Control Panel, under the "Content" tab. Go to the Files section.  Only jpg, png, gif, js, css, txt, htm, and html files are allowed to be uploaded to your White Label server.


Attached is a sample Header File