Troubleshooting: Fixing email errors with SendGrid

When your email fails to send through SendGrid, you will get an error message.


Follow these steps to identify and fix the error.

1. Go to and sign into your SendGrid account.'


2. Check to make sure your account is in good standing.  New accounts may take a couple of days to get provisioned by SendGrid.

  1. Verify your billing information is correct and current.  
  2. Resolve any error messages that are showing in your SendGrid account.


3. Once you've verified your SendGrid account is ready to go, return to AllClients and go to Settings.


4. In the bottom left Advanced section, select SendGrid Integration.


5. Make sure your SendGrid API information is correct. Use this article to create a new API if needed: Creating a SendGrid API Key


6. Send a test email from your AllClients account and make sure that it is received.