Common questions and support documentation


Boards is a visual way to see your client journey all from a single screen.

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Getting Started

Ready to launch in 6 easy steps. Fastening your seat belt won't be necessary.

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Landing Pages

Make your own Landing Page to capture the contact information of your website visitor

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Customize your account and control what's important to you.

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Customizing the System

Set up your work space so it thinks like you.

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Customize your homepage with the widgets that mean most to you.

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Set up a welcome series with Workflows & Target potential clients with Landing Pages.

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Group Actions (ClientTouch)

Get things done with a single contact or with a group of contacts.

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Manage your inbox & create beautiful, responsive emails using our pre-made templates.

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Voice and SMS

Automate your Workflows and boost your marketing efforts with different extensions.

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Use insights to max out results.

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Work together by assigning to-do's, re-assigning contacts and sharing deals.

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Manage your sales and your sales pipeline and add workflows to deal stages.

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Add new contacts, edit existing ones and keep your data organized and up to date.

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Eliminate stress and stay organized by keeping track of your priorities.

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Stay organized and accountable by keeping track of your appointments and activities.

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Optimize your business by combining all your tools into one supercharged system.

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Mobile App

Manage your conversations and access your data in real time, anywhere you go.

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Call for Info

A virtual phone system that allows you to get your messages out quickly and easily

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White Label

Customizing Your CRM

Re-naming or hiding features, adding your own header and more

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Default Accounts

Setting up templates for user accounts, adding groups and licensing

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Email Deliverability

Setting up your email sending, tips for better delivery

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Using the API, Recurly for your billing system, tools for your programmer

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Power Tools

Custom ClientTouch Actions, custom Workflow actions, webhooks, Landing Pages

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Communications account to create your own reports, Spam Monitoring

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Supporting Your Customers

Manage user account options, change account status, help your users

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