Setting up SendGrid Tracking to Integrate back into Reporting

When you have set up your SendGrid account to send your emails, your email analytics will be reported to SendGrid.

Use this process to see Clicks, Opens, Bounces and Spam Reports directly in your AllClients account. You will also need to turn on the reporting for Intelligent Links to work correctly with SendGrid.

You will need a specific SendGrid Plan for this to work

If you purchase a SendGrid plan that has the "Event Webhook" option, you can integrate the analytics back into your account. Currently the "Event Webhook" is available with the SendGrid Essentials plans and higher. Follow these steps to set up the integration.


1. Log into your SendGrid Account.

Go to to Log in.


2. Go to Settings, then Mail Settings


3. Click on Event Notification


4. Click to turn on and then Click Edit.


5. Change the HTTP Post URL to

Check to make sure there are no spaces before or after your URL. Spaces will cause errors and you will not get the analytics.


6. Select only these Actions to be reported back: Bounced, Opened, Clicked and Mark as Spam.

Make sure only these events are checked. If you check additional event types, this can cause issues and you may not see any analytics in your account.


7. Check the Blue check mark to Save and exit the edit screen. Your screen should look exactly like this.

SendGrid has a minor delay in updating settings. It can take over an hour for the changes to reflect or even show up.