Integrating your Google Mail with the Email History Tab

If you use Gmail or have a Google Apps account, emails sent to and from your contacts using your Google account can be shown on your Email History tab for that contact.

1. To integrate your Google mail account, first enable IMAP.  In your Gmail account, go to Settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP and click Enable IMAP. Save Changes.

If you use Labels, click the Labels tab and make sure all of your labels are checked to enable IMAP.


2. Go to AllClients. Click Settings, then Google Integration and Integrated Email History.


3. Add your Email Address and Email Password and click Save.

You may get this error:  IMAP Test Failed. Make sure your username and password are correct and that you've enabled IMAP in your Email Settings with your email provider.


If you got an IMAP Test Failed Error, go to your Google Inbox. You should have a message from Google. Click that it was you.


4. Click Enable.

It may take a couple of minutes for this change to take effect.


5. Go back to AllClients Integrated Email History and re-add your user name and password.


Your Google Account is now integrated!


To view all of the email history, from a contact record, click on the Email History Tab. Click the box to view Sent/received from your server.

Messages from your Gmail account will include the Gmail Icon. Click the subject line to open and read the body of the message.


If you use Google in any language besides English, please contact support so we can help you integrate your account.