Backing up your data

We back up your system every day. It is still a good practice for you to back up your data on a monthly basis, and for sure if you ever decide to change databases. Here is how you create an offline back up of your data.

1. Navigate to Settings and select Export Data.


2. Select All Contacts and then click Export Contacts.


3. Choose your fields to export and your Custom Field Header choice. Click Export Data.

1. This option allows you to select all or part of the fields to export. You can uncheck the fields you do not want to include in your export.

2. This option allows you to choose if you want to use numbered field headings for easy re-import or custom names on your Custom Fields for easier use for you to understand.

3. A file called Contacts-date-acctid.csv (your file will be specific to the export date and your account id) will be downloaded to your computer. Put this file in a safe place!


4. Re-Select Export Data.


5. This time click Export Notes.


6. Click the Export Notes button to save your notes file.

This time a file called Notes.csvwill be downloaded. Put this notes file in the same folder that you put the Contacts file.


Set a reminder in your calendar to do this back-up monthly so you always have a copy of your data.

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