Automate a Workflow within Voice and SMS Extensions

You may trigger Intelligent Actions within Voice and SMS. When editing or adding extensions, you are able to set up Actions that are associated with that Extension.

When a caller selects an extension, you can create a new contact if one doesn't already exist with the same phone number, assign a Tag or run an Workflow.

1. When adding or editing an extension in Voice and SMS, select the Trigger Intelligent Actions box.


2. To create a new contact if one does not exist, select the option and add the First and Last Name that you would like to use to identify these contacts.

When added to the system, the name will contain a number at the end of the last name. These contacts will be numbered to prevent duplicate contacts.

This is the first Contact added after calling my Baking Class extension.


3. To add a Tag to the caller's contact record, select the option and select the Tag you want to add from the drop down.

4. To run a Workflow for a contact, select the option and use the drop down to select which Workflow you want to trigger.


5. Click Save to keep your changes.