Use Workflow Triggers to Add Contacts with Zapier

You can add new contacts to the system automatically through Zapier. Use a Workflow Trigger and you can also trigger a Workflow to run on the new Contact as it is added to the system.

1. Set up your Workflow with the steps you want to happen when you get a new lead. 

You will probably want to opt them in for email and turn on a notification.


2. Click the Trigger: Off at the top of the page to turn the Trigger: On. Click the Clipboard to copy the Trigger URL.Choose how you want to handle Duplicates. Click Close.


3. Set up your Trigger in Zapier. This is your lead source.

We used a Google Sheet as our lead source.


4. Once your Trigger is tested and working, Add a Step to your Zap. Choose Action and then Choose Webhooks.


5. Choose the Action POST.


6. Add the URL from your Workflow Trigger. In the Details section, add your Field Mapping from your source and add our field labels to match your fields.  Click Continue.

You will find our field labels in the Workflow URL, add it to your browser for instructions.


7. Test your Zap and then Click Finish.


8. Name your Zap and turn it on.


Your Zap is working and you are ready to go!