Search Contact Notes

1. Go to Contacts, choose the Advanced Search tab.



2. Add your 3 pieces of filter criteria.

Use the drop down to find the field for Notes and then use Contains in the second filter drop down. In the third box, use the word you are searching for in the notes.   


Important Note

Each search needs to be looking for just ONE word


3. Add additional filters if you are looking for a phrase or multiple words in your notes.

Use as many additional filter lines as you need, include only one word in each filter.



4. Click Search to filter your results.



5. Be specific in what notes you want to find. The filter is looking for individual words.
When using multiple lines, your words may be in any order.

For example, if you search for: 
Line 1 = Email   |  Line 2 = Autoresponder   |   Line 3 = Sent

Your results would also find: 

  • Email Autoresponder Sent
  • Autoresponder Email Sent
  • Sent Email Autoresponder

The order is not kept the same.