Opt-In a Single Contact

To learn more about how our Permission-based Email System works, click to watch our Permission-based Email video. To Opt-In a group of contacts for emails, use the Email Opt-In Wizard in Clienttouch.

1. From the Contact Record, click the envelope with the green + to Start the Opt-In Wizard.


2. Take a moment to read the Anti-SPAM Policy if you have not yet read it. Then click to that you Understand and Agree.


3. Read through the 3 options and select the one that best describes your relationship with this client.


4. If you selected you ABSOLUTELY have permission, click to confirm you are adding this contact to your Opt-In List.


5. If you selected you THINK you have permission, click to Send Opt-In Email.

This contact is pending opt-in and will have an orange box around the email address. They will have the option of opting in for your emails, by clicking on the email opt-in they received. When they do opt-in, their email will then have a green box and they will be able to receive email from you.


6. If you select the option You don't really have permission, but you think they would be very interested in receiving your emails or newsletter, you will be opt-ing out the contact for any future emails.

This contact will have a red box around the email address and will not be able to receive email from you.