Add extra Opt-Out links in your email

Each email that is sent through the AllClients System will include an automatic footer that contains an opt-out link. This footer is required by Spam Law. If you would like to add a second opt-out link in your email, you can do that using the mail merge field options. Each contact will have a unique link added to their email as it is sent so the system can opt them out as soon as they click their unique link.

Many users add this option to the top of emails so that it is easily seen. Making it easy to opt-out does encourage people to opt-out rather than marking emails as spam.

1. When creating your email template, click your cursor to where you want the link added.


2. Click the Merge tags drop down and select the option Extra Opt-Out Link. 


3. Add the Extra Opt-Out Link.


4. Your template will now contain the mail merge code for the Extra Opt-Out Link and the link will be merged individually as the message is sent.


5. If a contact clicks the link, the system will automatically opt them out of any future emails.


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