Refer a Friend

AllClients loves your referrals. For each person you refer, you each will save $5 off your subscription each month.

  • From your account, click the Refer a Friend link in the footer of your account. 
  • Use the Referral Link or you can send an email direct from the system to invite your referrals. 
  • Check the status of past referrals in the button on this page.


The Fine Print

Discount applies to monthly subscription cost. Add-on features such as purchasing additional Email Credits do not apply to discount structure. Discount only applies for your referred friends who are active, paying customers. (Not in a Free Trial, Cancelled, or Expired)

Refer a Friend will only be credited to new accounts who respond to the special email invitation sent from this page, or via the special link. If you feel you have not been credited properly for a referral, please contact us and we will help correct the matter.

NO SPAM: Your Refer a Friend will be cancelled if you abuse the invitation system. Please only send invitations to those who will be expecting it. A phone call or conversation in advance will greatly increase your chance of a successful referral.

Amount of Refer a Friend can never exceed your monthly AllClients bill. Refer a Friend has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for anything other than account credit, up to the amount of your monthly subscription.