Test Your emails BEFORE you send them out!

There is nothing worse than blasting out an email to 1000 people and realizing the email was messed up some how: Formatting, Content, Images, etc...

There is an easy way to avoid this!

Use an email template, test it, then relax and know it looks good.

Here is how to do it right:

1. In email settings, click the Add Email Template button.


2. Write your email and when you got it just right, click Send Test Email.

IMPORTANT! Attachments will not work and Mail Merge fields will be populated with test data. The point here is to see how your formatting looks. If you want to see the mail merge fields and the attachments work properly, then see this Lesson: http://kb.allclients.com/s/kb/m/6807/l/84282-before-you-send-an-email-blast-do-this.
To change the email address used for test emails, update your Mail Merge Profile. Here is how: http://kb.allclients.com/s/kb/m/6807/l/104065-change-your-email-address.


3. Go check your email (the one you have in your mail merge profile).

Make sure it is to your liking.


4. Come back to the system, Save and you are done!

Obviously, if it looked bad you would fix it, and send another test until you got it right!


5. Now you can blast away with confidence!


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