BEFORE you send an Email Blast, DO THIS...

You're going to blast out an email to a bunch of contacts - but before you do, it's a good idea to make sure everything is right and it is exactly as you intended. You want to make sure it looks good, the links work, the attachment is included, etc.

It can be very embarrassing to send out an email to hundreds (thousands?) of people and say some things you didn't intend to, or have a misspelled word, or forget the attachment!

Here is the best way to make sure you have everything just right: 

1. In email settings, click the Add Email Template button.

Important: Do this even if you won't ever use this template again. You will see why in a few steps.


2. Create your email here. Build it exactly like you want it to look. Don't forget to include mail merge fields, links and attachments. Then save it.


3. Now find yourself in the database. The rolodex is fastest. You should already have yourself in the database (see below).

You should always add yourself to your own database with your real contact info in it. That way you can use it to test things like in this email blast example.


4. Once you are at your own contact record, select Send Email.


5. Click on the Template menu to show all of the templates in your Email Template Library.


6. Select the Email Template you created above.


7. Now click Send Email.


So what you are doing here is sending yourself a single email to make sure everything is right before you blast it out to the world!

The next step is to go check your personal email, open it, and make sure it looks right.

Now you can blast this email out with confidence!