Trigger a Workflow Every Time a New Account is created

Use your Communications Account to trigger a Workflow every time you add a new user account to your system. This Workflow can help you manage all of your outgoing Communications.

An example of a great use for this process would be to trigger an Autoresponder series to help train new users. You can also incorporate To-Do reminders for your team members to call and check in with new users after a period of time. The options are endless.

Each Group can have its own Action Set. Here is how you make it work:


1. Create your Workflow in your Communications Account.


2. Name the Workflow EXACTLY like this so it can be triggered automatically.

Make sure you type New Account with the caps. New Account: Group Name as it is here, add the colon, make ONE SPACE and then add your Group Name EXACTLY as it appears in the Admin Panel.

For Example, if I call my group Real Estate Agents, then my Workflow will be named New Account: Real Estate Agents

3. Add your desired Actions to the Workflow.

Remember, the communication account's automatic sync happens at midnight. If you want your Autoresponder to go out at a different time, add a Pause to add a few hours to the start of the Workflow.

Important Note

If you delete a contact from the Communication Account, it will get re-added the next time you sync and the Workflow will run again.