Creating an HTML Dashboard Widget from Pages

Customize a user Dashboard with an HTML widget that reflects what you have in one of your pages.

1. When logged into a user account add the HTML widget by adding /HomeAddWidget.aspx?Add=Html to your URL.

Your URL will look like this (with your own domain)


2. Click the pencil to Edit the HTML Widget.


3. Add Your Page Details to the HTML Widget in this format:  %%page:yourpagelinkcode%%

In your Content Tab, go to Pages and create your page. Use the Link Code to get the information needed for the HTML widget. In this example I would add %%page:SampleHTMLWidget%% to my widget.


4. Your edit Widget screen will look like this.


5. And your final custom HTML widget will look like this (with your page content).


6. Add this to the top of your Widget Code if you want this copied from your Default Accounts to all of your new accounts:

<!-- copy:yes -->