Signing up for Mailgun

1. Choose an Email Domain Name

Hopefully you have a domain name that can be used for email sending purposes. It will need to be different than your CRM domain. This will be used by your customers and you don't want their email reputation to interfere with your domain name!

At AllClients, we use or or or

Hopefully you have an ununsed domain name in your portfolio that we can use for this purpose.

The only time users will see this is in certain email headers and email programs where it might say "via" or "sent via".

If you have to register and use a new domain name, it will decrease the deliverability of your emails.

Once you have picked an email domain name:

1) Set the address, phone number, and contact details to REAL PEOPLE at your company. Having the contact details for an email domain name as PRIVATE or as generic email addresses will decrease your deliverability.


2. Sign up for a MailGun Account.

  1. 1) Go to
  2. 2) Sign up and pay for a the plan that fits your needs.


3. Send the Details to AllClients

After you have completed all the steps above,email us the following details.




What comes next:

After everything is set up, we will begin sending a FEW emails using the new account to "warm it up". (Maybe a few hours per day)

Then, we'll switch completely over as deliver-ability looks good.