What do I need in a programmer?

You will want to customize the AllClients product. Part of customizing may include integrating your AllClients system with other programs out there. You can use our API to connect your system with other systems. You will need the help of a programmer.

People will sometimes ask what to look for in a programmer. Here is some advice:

Our API can be accessed from any modern web language, so the code our system is written in is not that important.

You are looking for more than a "general web site builder". Look for developers who have experience using different APIs and integrating different web services together. 

You are heading in the right direction if the developer looks at this page ( http://developers.allclients.com/api/ ) and says, "no problem, I do stuff like this all the time".

That being said, it also depends on the things you are trying to accomplish on your end, and what other types of systems you'll be integrating with.  Any expertise or experience with those products will help as well.

If you need a programmer that knows the AllClients system, call us, we can connect you with a programmer that can help.