Setting up Free Trials with Recurly

Recurly is the billing system that you can integrate with your system. You can set up pages for users to start free trials. They may choose to pay right from their trial account and that information will automatically get added to the system and convert the account for you

* Don't use Recurly's free trials, use this process.

1. Trial length is 14 days by default.

This is set up on the back-end, if you want to change your trial length, email our support. 


2. Create a Trial Sign Up page.

Use the Group Name to create your free trial page. It works like this:

So if your group name is Real Estate, your Free Trial URL will be:

replace " " spaces with %20

have the closing  "/" 


3. Customize your Trial Sign Up page.

From your Admin Panel, go to the Content Tab. Choose Content Zones.  Customize the page by editing these two sections:

Free Trial Above - Area above the email address

Free Trial Below - Area below trial box.


4. Test your page.

Make sure new trial accounts use the correct group defaults. 

Important Notes

- Accounts are not added to Recurly until they pay.

- Paying will convert automatically from Trial to Paid in the White Label Admin panel. 

- Cancelling Recurly will not cancel them in the White Label Admin panel, you have to mark them as Pending Delete. 

- Take some time to understand the Recurly system. You will want to update your subscription emails templates, late notices, reply emails, etc.