Managing your email reputation with multiple domains

Email (or sender) reputation is the measurement of your email sending practices and the extent to which you follow the standards established by Internet service providers (ISPs). ISPs use these criteria, more so than content, to filter spam and unwanted email. Email reputation is measured for a sending domain/IP address.

Email marketing programs are only as successful as the number of subscribers that see and respond to the messages sent. Mailing to undeliverable addresses and people that mark your messages as spam negatively impact your email reputation, causing your emails to go to the junk folder or even get blocked entirely.

The sending behavior of all users within your account that are using the same domain will combine to create the reputation of that domain.

To help manage your reputation, you can have multiple "sent via" addresses within your account. Each domain will have a unique sending reputation.

You can then move users around to separate the reputation of each bucket. You can put your best senders in one bucket and problematic senders in another.

To get started, setup multiple IP addresses and multiple whitelabeled domains with your email provider (SendGrid or MailGun).  Use a unique IP address for each domain.  After that is complete, we can configure the buckets in your Admin Tools. You will use the Reports > Spam to move users from one bucket to another based on their sending behavior.