Email Server - Getting your Email Sending Account

You need to sign up with one of our preferred email sending services, either SendGrid or MailGun.  Once you have signed up for an account, we will need to link your SendGrid or MailGun account to your White Label Account. This will ensure that all your emails for all of your users will go through your SendGrid/MailGun account and you will be able to build your own good reputation.

It is not enough for you to just "get a SendGrid or MailGun account". You will need to become a SendGrid expert as all of your emails will be using their engine.

Once you have a login and password for your account, you will give that info to and she will work with our developers to plug it in for you and your users.

It is important to go through the SendGrid/MailGun White Label Wizard which will help improve your deliverability. Along with White Labeling, you should also ensure that you have a dedicated IP Address with your email provider.  This will ensure that the CRM has it's own spam reputation.

Also, you should read and study this:

Go to to set up a SendGrid account or to get a MailGun Account.


Important Note

Once your email sending account is set up, any changes to your SendGrid or MailGun account User Name or Password will need to be coordinated with so your email service is not interrupted.