Mail Merge Profile fields in Default Email and Letter Templates

As you are creating Email and Letter Templates for your users, you may use these fields to pull in information from the Mail Merge Profile.

User's Mail Merge Profile Field

Use This Find & Replace Token

Full Name %%mm.fullname%%
Address %%mm.address%%
City, State Zip %%mm.citystatezip%%
Newsletter Title %%mm.newsletter%%
Free Text %%mm.freetext%%
Account ID %%mm.accountid%%


Special Field for Web Form Notification Emails

The field %%mm.loginemail%% can be entered into the Default Account's Landing Page Notification Email Fields.

When a new account is created, and default Landing Page that are generated will have the new account's login email placed in the corresponding field. Works in notification fields #1,#2 and #3.

(This field does not work in any other locations)