Creating a Default Account for a Group

Each Group can it's own Default Account to populate the Settings and Templates unique to that group. You will connect the new account in the Group Settings.

1. Click to Add a New Account and add the Email, Password and Group. Click Save new account.

If you want to copy another Group's Default's choose that Group in the drop down. If you want to start blank, choose My Default Accounts. After the account is created, you will want to be sure to add it to the My Default Account Group so you are not charged for the Default Account and so it is protected as a Default Account.


2. From your list of accounts, get the Account ID for the new Account you just created.


3. Go to the Group Tab and click the Group you want to add the new Default Account.


4. Add the Default Account ID and click OK.


Your Default Account is now ready to be updated with your default templates for use by the accounts in that Group.