Save Advanced Searches to the Dashboard

Save your searches for quick access.

1. Go to Contacts, Contacts List.

2. Click the Advanced Search Tab.

3. Add your Search criteria, click Search, then Save Search.

4. Choose Save As New Saved Search.

5. Name the search, check if you want a link in the Saved Searches Widget on the Dashboard and Save.

6. Click the 3 dot menu next to the Save Search button. Choose Add Widget to Dashboard.

7. Move the Widget to where you want it on the Dashboard. Click the Pencil to edit the widget options and color. Click Done when you have the widget the way you want it.

Your Search is now in a Contact Counter Widget on the Dashboard.

If you just want to create a Saved Search and link to it from the Saved Searches widget on your Dashboard. Here is a quick video on how to save a link to the search: