Share a Template with Your Team

Team users can share their templates with other users. 

Sharing a Template has 2 parts, be sure do all three of these steps.

1. In the account that has the template you want to share, go to the Templates you want to share. Click the Share icon next to the template you want to share with the other members of your team.

The templates with the darkened share icon are now shared and are available in the Samples section of your teams' templates.


2. To access the shared templates, from the account that wants to use the template, go to the Samples drop down in the template section.


3. In the Samples drop down, scroll to Shared Team Templates and select the template to add to this users template library.

The template is now ready to edit in the team member's account.


If either the original template, or the copied template is modified, the changes are not updated automatically in the other user's account, as not to overwrite that user's modifications. 

Users can download another copy of the updated template in the Samples drop down at any time.