Use Landing Pages on Your Website with an IFrame

If you already have a website and would prefer to embed the Landing Page form on your site (instead of using the version we host), you can do so. It requires a hosted webpage, as well as some more advanced knowledge of HTML.

Your web developer (or whomever created your web site) will need to be involved in this process.

Please note:

  • IFrame embedding will not work in all hosting environments. For support, you will need to contact your website provider support.
  • After pasting, you may adjust the height and width style properties to fit in the intended page.
  • After making changes, always test that your embedded landing page works and submits data properly.


1. Go to Automation, Landing Pages.


2. Add a new page and customize the page and form.


3. Complete the Actions and Thank You tabs so that the system properly handles the submitted leads.


4. From the list of Landing Pages, click the Links dropdown.


5. Choose IFrame Embed Code.


6. Copy the code from the box.


7. Paste the code into your existing webpage.

Copy and paste the code into a HTML area of your website, or consult your web developer for help.


8. Test your form.

Make sure your form works and posts the data properly into the database. If it doesn't work, be sure you have copied the code properly.