Add Landing Pages to a Default Account

A Default Account will allow all users in the Group to access templates that are that Default Account. This is how you add Landing Page templates.

1. Go to the Power Tools on the Developer Site and choose Landing Pages. Here is a link to that page:


2. Choose which style template you want to use.


3. Choose which version of the page you want to use and download the code.


4. Go to the Default Account and Automation, then Landing Pages.


5. Click Create New Landing Page.


6. Choose Advanced Editor (blank) to start with an empty slate.


7. Name the page and click Create & Start Editing.


8. Close the Content Designer - we will not edit the page yet. Click Done Editing Content.


9. Click the Menu in the right (3 dots).


10. Choose Import Design File.


11. Select the File and click Continue.


12. Click Edit with Content Designer.


13. Make any changes you want to customize for your users. You will need to make a change for the thumbnail to appear so at least add a space or make any change and Save. Click Done Editing Content.

You will now have this page templates in your Default Account. Users will see this templates as an available template when they click Create New Landing Page.