Advanced: Split Workgroup into Sub-Groups

This is a technical process for advanced users.

There may be a time where the Workgroup needs to be split into smaller sub-groups. This might be used to split leads among a team, or split a group to make phone calls or visits in bite size groups.

1. Go to Contacts, Contact List.


2. Click the Advanced Tab and enter the criteria for the search. This example will look at all prospects (Future Client).


3. Now click Add Another Filter to add the sub-group criteria.


4. Choose the Advanced option, Limit # of Contacts.


5. Use the Limit # of Contacts, then use # of Matching Contacts in the center drop down and in the third place, add the number of contacts you want in your sub-group.

This example uses 10 contacts as the limit.


6. The group of 10 will be displayed in your Contact List. You will see the Limit in the top header.


7. Send the Results to Group Actions to perform any actions for the sub-group.


8. To select the next group of 10, you will add a second qualifier. 

Use the same filter as above and just after the number of contacts you want in your sub-group, add a comma and the number of contacts you want to skip. If you are looking for the second group of 10, your search will be 10,10. Our example will use the third sub-group and will skip the first 20, giving us contacts 21-30.


9. Note the header tip, Limit 10, Skip first 20.


10. Mouse over tip on the header note: 

For # search only. Use format '20,60' to limit to 20 records, but skip the first 60.



Sub-Groups use the Unique ID for the contact to sort. The oldest contacts added to the system would be in the first group, newest contacts last.

Limit # of Contact searches can be saved in Saved Searches - they can not be added to Dashboard Widgets (the number stays the same, it is not as useful as searches that change in count).