Add or Edit a Board

Multiple boards can be used to track contacts through a process. Follow these steps to add a new board, or edit the board set up.

1. Navigate to Boards by clicking Contacts, then Boards.

2. To Create a new Board, click Add Board.

If you are editing an existing board, select the board from the dropdown on the left.

3. Name the Board.

4. Click Board Settings to edit the team options for the Board.

5. Select Viewable by Other Team Members and/or Editable by Other Team Members. Click Save.

6. Click the 3 dot menu on the top right of the column to select Column Settings.

7. Name the column and choose a column color. Click Save.

8. Adjust the order of the columns by clicking the three dot menu and using the Move Left and Move Right options.

9. Add additional columns by clicking on the three dot menu of the farthest right column and choose Add Column.

Here is a sample board: