Add Tags to Help Sort Contacts

Tags allow you to group and sort your contacts. You may have as many tags as you need for your business.  Each contact may have multiple tags.

1. Go to Settings, then click Tags.

This is a sample list of Tags:

Edit Tags from this list by clicking on the Tag name you want to edit.

To delete a Tag, select the Tag by checking the box to the left of the Tag and then click Delete Selected Tag at the bottom of you list of Tags.

Follow the next few steps to add new tags.

2. Click Add Tag.

3. Name your Tag, choose a background color and select an icon to represent your Tag. Save.

Icons may be reused if you need more icons or want one icon to represent multiple groups.


From the Contact, click the Tags link to add Tags to the Contact.

Remove Tags from a contact by clicking the X in the corner of the tag.  You will click once to highlight, click again to confirm the removal of the tag from the record.