Importing Phone Number Labels

When importing data, there are two ways to import and label phone numbers. You can use our labels, or you can import your custom labels for each phone number.


Use our phone labels
Use your own phone labels

1. To import using the default, Home, Work and Mobile labels, keep all phone numbers of the same type in the same column.

Use the column header of Home Phone, Work Phone or Mobile Phone. 

Here is a sample of what your file would look like:

2. To import custom phone labels, use two columns for each phone number. One for the number and the second for the label for that phone number. 

Columns will need to be labeled Phone1, Phone1Note, Phone2, Phone2Note, Phone3, Phone3Note, Phone4, Phone4Note. 

Here is a sample of how your data might look if you choose this option:

When you label your phone numbers, make sure you match the case in the above example. The fields will automatically be mapped for you in the import field mapping process.

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