Opt-In a Group of Contacts

Sometimes you have a contact list with people who have already given you permission to send them emails. There are many permission-based email systems that require you to get permission first. Those contacts can easily be opt-ed in without having to get permission again.

Before you Dive In!

Make sure your contacts you are opted-in have given you permission to email them or you are already in an email relationship with them. You will not want to send emails that may be considered Spam.


1. Navigate to ClientTouch, click Add Everyone, then choose Email Opt-in Wizard


2. Read the spam warning and then click I Understand and Agree...


3. Choose the first option: You ABSOLUTELY have permission to send emails...

It is important that you select the first option. This will instantly opt-in your contacts and allow you to send them emails immediately.


4. Click Add to Opt-In List

This confirmation box will tell you how many contacts you are about to opt-in. Note that this number may be lower than the number of contacts in your ClientTouch work group. Why? Some of the contacts in your group may not have email addresses, or they may already be opted-out.