Troubleshooting: the Birthday Assistant Is Not Working

The Birthday Assistant will check your database once a day for birthdays that match your selections in the Birthday Assistant.

Often times people try to test the Birthday Assistant by setting up fake birthdays and changing the options in the Birthday Assistant. That is not a good test because chances are you are going to miss that moment in time that the Birthday Assistant is checking for birthdays. For a  test to work, make sure your fake birthday is set for the next day and the parameters exactly match those of your Birthday Assistant.

For the Birthday Assistant to work, your contact needs to have an email address in the system and that email needs to be opted-in to receive emails from you.

The Birthday Assistant will only send an email if the specific contact has an email address on file. If the second contact does not have an email address in the contact record, the Birthday Assistant will not send an email to the primary contact for the second contact's birthday.


Here are some tips to check if you think the Birthday Assistant is not working:

1. Check that your Birthday Assistant is set up correctly (set to Run, Add a To-Do and/or Send Email template are checked).

2. Check that your contact has a birthday set up.

3. Check that your contact meets the Who should be included of the Birthday Assistant.

4. Check that your contact is opted in for email.

5. The day the Birthday Assistant should have run, go the contact and look for the note about the sent email and/or the To-Do reminder.


This is how the Birthday Assistant Settings should look (set to run, set to have a reminder and/or send an email).