Troubleshooting: Why Are You Not Getting Your Test Emails?

Are you trying to test an email and it is not getting delivered to you?

This may be the reason:

When email is sent from the AllClients email servers to your own email address, some email providers will not deliver the message. They don't mark is as "bounced" or as "spam" it just disappears without report.  

Gmail and Google Apps do this as well as some other email service providers.  While we'd prefer that they report these emails back to us, they don't. And we cannot control how they handle this situation.

Why do they do this?

Our best guess is that this was once a method that spammers used to get around spam filters, and since it would rarely happen in "real life", it's better safe than sorry.  

So how should I send a test email?

We always recommend that you send test emails before sending an Email Blast to your customers.  If your email is being blocked, test your emails to another email provider. You can use your personal email or get a free email like Gmail or Yahoo for your testing.

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