Use Outlook or Your Own Email Client to Send Emails

You can configure the system to use your own email program (such as Outlook) when clicking email address links in the contact card.

Important to Remember

Please note, the database will have no knowledge of these emails sent from another program, and open tracking, link tracking, and bounce tracking will not be handled by the database.

1. Hover over the Profile Picture Menu, click Account Settings.


2. Click More Options/Preferences...


3. Select Use your own email client when sending emails directly from the Contact Card, click Save.


4. Click on the email address on the Contact Card to open your email options.


5. Click Send Using Your Own Email Client.

This setting only applies to individual emails. Any other automated emails from the system (Birthday Assistant, To-Do Emails, Email Blasts, etc.) will still be sent from our servers.

When you click the email to open your own email client, it will use your default email client you have connected to your browser. You may update that in the Computer Default Settings if needed.


When this option is on, you can still send template emails and use the system email by clicking the Email Address and choosing the Send Email button.