Add a background image to your Email

You can add images to rows as the background to create even more stunning designs for your email campaigns. 

For example, you could repeat a pattern, like the wood boards shown in the screenshot below.

Or you could use a single background image that covers the whole width of the message (e.g. in the heading of the email). This too is easy to do with the Content Designer.

Modifying the email message from above and increasing the size of the coffee beans image, the same message could now adopt a different design and look like this:


1. Where to find it?

When you select a row in the design pane, you'll see that the  Row Properties panel includes a Row Background Image section:


2. Row background image settings explained.

Selecting the image

Once you click to enable this feature, you can upload the image that will be used as background via the file manager by using the  Change image button. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the image URL into the URL box if you wish to use an image hosted elsewhere.

Full width, Repeat, and Center

These three settings - Full width, Repeat, and Center - are important for aligning and finding the best fit for your background image or pattern within your message. Let's see how they can be used.

Full width

When selected, the image is used as a background for the entire width of the row. For example, here is a light gray pattern repeated across an entire row (click on the image to see a larger version where you can see the background pattern).

When not selected, the background image is applied only to the  Content area. The width of the Content area is set in the Settings tab in the General Options.

Here is the same pattern applied only to the content area.


When selected, the image is repeated. This works well with symmetrical patterns. If you chose to repeat the coffee beans image, for instance, the message would now look like this:

Use Full width and Repeat together if you want to repeat a pattern across the width of the row. If the row is higher than the height of the image, the pattern will be repeated vertically too.


When selected the image is centered. If Repeat is also active, the image is centered and then repeated to the left and to the right. If you Repeat without centering, the image is positioned in the top-left corner of the row, and then repeated to the right.

All three settings can be enabled and disabled independently of each other. Try uploading a small image and play around with them to understand how the positioning of the image is affected.


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