Messages - Choose a Phone Number

With Messages you choose between a local number or a toll-free phone number to use for marketing.

Note: Additional charges will apply in your Twilio account when you use a toll-free number.


Messages is only available in the United States and Canada.

Phone numbers outside of these areas are not available at this time.


1. Review the Messages Page for the details of Messages


2. Once you have decided to continue, scroll down and click Connect. When you click Connect, you are prompted to create a Twilio Account.

Twilio is our phone partner that will provide the phone number the Messages system uses.


3. Choose your phone number. You can select a Local or Toll Free Number. To refine your number search, add your Area Code or phone number to find a number.


4. When you've found a number you like, click the Use This Phone Number for Messages button to proceed.


5. Once you have a phone number, you will want to Recording Your Greeting.

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