Adding Video to your Email

Our Content Designer has made it easy to add YoutTube or Vimeo videos to your email. You only have to copy and paste the URL for your video and we'll do the rest. We automatically grab the cover image for the video, overlay a  Play icon on top of that and link to the video content.

1. From the Content Tab, use the Video tile and drag to where you want the video in your template.


2. Click the Add a video URL to update the content properties on the right of the page.

Add your video link to YouTube or Vimeo, the popular hosting services that we currently support.

Once you insert a valid URL, the content block in the editing panel will display the cover image for the video with a  Play icon overlayed on top of it. You can edit the type, color, and size of the Playicon to change the way it looks.

Notice that the editor can't access password-protected videos to get the cover image.


3. Choose the Play icon. Choose the Play icon type, the Play icon color and the Play icon size.


4. Notes about embedding a video in email.

This feature does not embed the actual video in the email from the Content Designer, but rather links to it in a smart way.

The reason why the actual video content is not embedded into the message is that, unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. Many email clients do not support it, and Apple has been "back and forth" on video support in iOS over the years.

Additionally, many emails are opened on mobile devices and viewing videos on a mobile device can cause substantial data usage in addition to a poor user experience due to the quality of the data connection.

All things considered, we believe that the approach we chose provides the best results. 


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