Use a SendGrid Integration to Send More Emails

Users who send more emails per month than their plan allows can use a SendGrid account to send emails. The emails will still be processed the same, they just will send on SendGrid's servers.

You will need to get (at least) an Essentials Email Account from our email partner, (The "Free" SendGrid account will not work properly).

1. Sign up and configure your account.


SendGrid account provisioning can take up to 24 hours. You will not be able to send email during this time.


2. Create an API Key in SendGrid. Go to Settings, API Keys and click Create API Key.


3. Name your API. Choose Full Access and Create & View your API Key.


4. Copy the API Key and go to your AllClients Account to finish the Integration.


5. Once your SendGrid account is setup, and you have your API Key, return to AllClients and go to Settings.


6. In the Bottom of the page under the Advanced section, select SendGrid Integration.


7. Add your SendGrid API Key and Save.

8. Send a test email from AllClients and make sure it is received.

You will still send emails and email blasts in the same exact way in AllClients, but instead of using our email server, you will use your own account at SendGrid.  You will no longer be limited by AllClients in the number of emails you can send each month.  (Be sure and understand how the email pricing works at SendGrid).


9. Once you have your SendGrid account set up and working, you will want to connect the reporting.

Review this article to set up the reporting.