Check the results of an email sent to a group of people

Follow the steps in the Send an email to a group of contacts article to send your email. Once you hit the Send button, the system will process your email. This may take a few minutes, do not click the Send multiple times as it will cause your email to go out multiple times. You will see a progress bar on your screen as the email is processed. Once the email has been processed, you will see how many emails were actually sent.

Once your email is processed, it is in our email queue. Emails are sent from the queue and go out in order. The average delivery time is 10 minutes. Depending on web traffic, it may take over an hour.

You may use the Email Blast Analytics to watch the status and the results of the email you send.

1. To see your email results: go to Reports, then Email Blasts.


2. Click the blue Stats icon to review the details of your email.


3. Click the links in any section to see the details of which contacts opened, clicked etc.


4. Hold your mouse over the blue icon to learn more about what each section is showing.


5. Clicking the binocular icon will allow you to send these people into ClientTouch.


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