Using your Communications Account

Your Communications Account is a special account that syncs all of your user accounts info into contacts within an account. With this account, you can use the system to communicate with your own customers.

Recommended for Auto Sync Contacts Only

This is not designed to be used for other types of Contacts. Adding contacts through Landing Pages or manually will create duplicates. Custom Fields can not be changed as the automatic sync will overwrite the field data.


These are the Custom Fields Auto-populated into your Communications Account:


Here are some of the recommended uses for the Communications Account:

  • Email users (training, on-boarding, individual emails, etc)
  • Check user Account Status (paid, past due or cancelled)
  • Watch who is logging in and who isn't
  • See how many contacts users have in the system
  • Quickly tell who is in what group

You can use the information in this account to create custom saved searches and reports to quickly know the status of user account information.


Here's how the Account Data Syncing works.

The Communications Account automatically syncs your user data every night at about midnight (Central Time). 

You can manually move data if you want to see it before the sync. Go to your Admin Account, click Configure and Scroll down the Communications Account section. Use the Sync Contacts button to manually Sync.