View Recent Email Opens and Clicks

You can create a Recent Activity Widget to add to your Dashboard to show contacts that have recently opened or clicked on an email from you. Here is what this might look like on your Dashboard:


1. To Create this widget, build the filter for your Recent Activity. Go to "Contacts" and click the "Advanced Search" tab.


2. Change the Match All/Any of the following dropdown from all to any.


3. Add the first option "Last Open Date" and choose "is in the last # of days" and then select the number of days you want to use, for example 7, 14, 30, etc.


3. Click "+ Add Another Filter" to get a second row of filter data.


4. Add the first option "Last Click Date" and choose "is in the last # of days" and then select the number of days you chose above in Step 3.


5. Click "Search" and then "Save This Search".


6. Click "Save As New Saved Search".


7. Name your search "Recent Activity" and click "Save".


8. Now we need to add this saved search to our Dashboard. Go to your Dashboard and right-click to Customize This Screen. Select "Add Widget".


9. Choose the "Contact Counter" widget.


10.  Click the pencil to edit the "Contact Counter" widget.


11. Choose the "Recent Activity" option in the top Saved Search drop down. You can choose to add colors if the number of contacts meeting your filtered background is above and/or below a certain value. For example, it could be red if below 10 and green if over 20. Click "OK" to save.


12. Move the widget to your desired place on the Dashboard by dragging it around. Once you have it where you want it, click "Done" in the top right.


To view the contacts that have opened or clicked on an email in the last 7 days, just click the number in the Recent Activity widget and it will take you to the filtered list.