Print Labels for a Group of Contacts

Use Avery 5160 or 8160 their size is equivalent. 5160 is to be used with a Laser Printer and 8160 is to be used with an Ink Jet Printer. They come in White or Clear. We do not offer the ability to change the template, we only print 30 labels to a page (3 across by 10 down).

1. From ClientTouch, select the Group of Contacts you to print from the Add Contacts Tab.


2. If you have contacts that don't have mailing addresses and you would like to remove those from the group, that option is on the Actions Tab in the About This Group Section. Click the Remove from Workgroup option next to the incomplete addresses.


3. Click on the Actions Tab and Select the Mailing Labels Option.


4. Adjust the start row and/or column is you are using a partial sheet of labels.


5. Click the printer Icon to print your labels.

You may need to hold your mouse over the labels to see the print option.

For more information about printer settings and perfect alignment of your labels, view this article: Print Perfect Mailing Labels