Suggested Uses for Intelligent Links

An Intelligent Link is a link in an email that when the link is clicked it triggers a Workflow. You can add multiple Intelligent Links to your emails.

To learn more about how Intelligent Links work, review this article..

Click here for step by step instructions on how to add Intelligent Links to your emails.

Every time a link is clicked in an email, any combination of any of these actions can happen.

Have you ever wondered which of your offers your prospects find most interesting? You can add links to your email, each time they click a link, it can add a flag, a note, and send a follow-up email with more information.

Pam's Bakery sent a newsletter with articles about Thanksgiving Pies and Wedding Cakes. They have a Workflow attached to links to track which of their clients clicked for more information about each.

This builds a history of your prospects interest. The more links they click, the more flags and notes and emails on the contact, the better the lead.

You can use the Intelligent Links as an opportunity to capture registrations for a class, webinar, event, call, etc.

Pam's Bakery confirmed registrations for a kid's baking class and followed up the link clicks by adding flags, a note to the contact, started a confirmation Autoresponder series and notified the administrative assistant of the sign up.

This can be used as survey to follow up on your service level.

Pam's Bakery sent out a survey with a 0 to 10 scale. Links clicked would take you to a Landing Page where they could add more feedback (custom page to the rating). Survey feedback triggers flags, notes and follow-up emails.

Opt-Out of a particular type of email. Every email offers the option of opting out to all messages from you. You can use Intelligent Links to offer the ability to manage the opt-outs to different types of emails.

Pam's Bakery sends out coupon emails, a monthly newsletter and community updates. Each of those have the option to stop receiving only that series. If you don't want to get the newsletter but you love the coupons, you click opt out on the special newsletter email opt out link and it takes you to her thank you page. The Action Set adds a note and adds a flag to exclude from the newsletter monthly emails.