How to Add an Intelligent Link to an Email

An Intelligent Link is a link in an email that when the link is clicked it triggers an Action Set. You can add multiple Intelligent Links to your emails.

To learn more about how Intelligent Links work, review this article.

Click here for some suggested uses for Intelligent Links.

1. Set up your Action Set so the system knows what to do when the link is clicked. Action Sets can be customized in the Settings.


2. Set up your email template.


3. Add your hyperlinks to the message. DON'T FORGET THIS STEP!  Highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the hyperlink icon.

Only links that have been set up as a Hyperlink will be identified by the Intelligent Links option. You will not be able to connect the Action Set to a link without first creating the hyperlink.


4. Set up the hyperlink (where the contact will go when the link is clicked).


5. Click Apply to save your changes.


6. Click the Intelligent Links box to set up the actions.


7. Click Add Intelligent Link.


8. Select the Link and the correct Action Set, then Save.


9. Add more Intelligent Links if your email template has them, delete any that you don't want to use or close this box if you are finished.


10. Test your email from a contact record so that you can see the actions when the link is clicked.


11. Click the link in your email to test the Action Set. Go back to the Contact to look for the Actions outlined in your Action Set.  This example added flags, a note, and will start an autoresponder tomorrow.