Archive Contacts

Archiving contacts that you are not currently interacting with will make it easier to find and work with the contacts that want to work with your business. There are two ways to archive contacts in AllClients.


1. If you have a big list of contacts you are not interacting with and have not interacted with, you will want to export the contacts.

To export, follow the steps in this document:

Once the contacts are exported, you can delete them from the system and you will have the exported spreadsheet to reference if needed in the future. Here is how you delete the group of contacts:


2. If you have contacts you want to archive that are not working with right now, but may in the future, you may not want to delete them. This process will remove them from your day to day activities, but keep them available with all of their history and notes, etc. For this type of archive, you will want to transfer them to a Power User in your account.

Create an Additional User called Archive, choose Power User as the User Type:

Transfer the contacts to archive to this new user in ClientTouch with Group Edit.